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“Before I met Nik, I was far from where I am now. At this point it’s been around 3 months under his guidance and he is that one rare coach that actually cares about you, practices what he preaches, keeps learning new things and invest into his knowledge! He is the guy that will maximize every little detail to over-deliver the results and experience! Now I feel way more confident, happier and I also have to completely change my wardrobe!”

Olga Kondratenko

“During our coaching sessions, Nik will continuously answer any questions I have as well as explain exactly what we are doing and why. He also provided me with a meal plan specific to me and my goals. Nik pushes me to reach my goals, and with his fantastic and professional attitude, I never run out of motivation. Having Nik as a coach is something I would recommend to everybody”

Artem Solovey

“I met Nik when I was shadowing his sessions with clients at the gym, and this guy’s style was way different than any other coaches’! First of all, he is always focused on a client, he will even remember little details about you since they matter a lot for your progress! What’s more, he gives his clients stuff that really works, no BS whatsoever! Highly recommend his online personal training programs!”

Velbett Morales

I mentored Nik for 2 years and he is truly passionate about his craft. He lives and breathes fitness, which isn’t very common in a jacks-of-all trades society. He really cares about his clients. Himself he is very coachable, humble, reliable, trustworthy and serious. That guy won’t let you down. In addition to everything, he keeps learning from the best and all about self-development! You can learn so much from him, since he went through a very interesting and rough journey pursuing his biggest dreams, and will help you! Highly recommend!

Amer The Hammer

Amer Kamra

– CEO and Owner of Hammer Fitness
– One of the TOP physique coaches in Canada

When I met Nik, I had a very specific and important goal to achieve – to get in the best shape possible in 2 months, since I had a huge crypto currency event coming with a lot of wealthy and influential people there. Nik has done his job the way I couldn’t even think of: 12 pounds of fat lost and 8 pounds of muscle gained! Everyone started complimenting me on my looks, especially my glutes. My clothes fits so great! At the age of 50 I am on top of the world again, feeling as great as never before!

So glad I bumped into Nik and I don’t think I would achieve results even close to what I got with any other trainer.

High-ticket client

Linda Mauti

– 5 Year celebrity chef 
– Red seal chef 
– On rogers daytime 

I hired Nik to re-assess my workout program and to help me bulk up my upper body. The challenge he had to overcome for me was that I had a rotator cuff/shoulder issue he had to work around at the same time. Nik did a tremendous job for me. He’s a great listener and problem solver, and applied his experience and knowledge to create a program that not only strengthened my shoulder issue, but also added the bulk I was seeking on my biceps and triceps.

He’s a fantastic motivator. I wouldn’t have done it without him! Highly recommended!


Robert J. (“RJ”) Falconi

Managing Director-RayleeValleyGroup/ Former EVP, Chief Legal & Governance Officer, Gen. Coun. & Corp. Sec’ty-CSA Group


Before I started training with Nik, I was at completely different place than where I am now. In terms of body, I looked like a regular school girl and certainly my confidence wasn’t where it is today. It all changed in a matter of just 3 months! I look like a fitness model, more confident in my new physique, with new wardrobe, and even started attracting more and better quality men:)

In overall, it all changed for me!

Fitness girl

Irina Tyulnika

 Nik definitely provides rare, professional, world-class coaching experience to his clients. I’ve had different trainers but not a lot kept me as a client for a long time since I am very picky and pay attention to trainer’s attitude, knowledge, professionalism, looks, passion, etc. But Nik is certainly the one who got everything, NO EXCEPTION!

I was able to learn so much cool stuff from him and highly recommend to get under his guidance if you want to obtain amazing look and make your time in the gym more EFFICIENT!

Executive trainer

Asif Aliev

– CEO Traveler’s coffee group

Nik was recommended to me as a true professional, and at this point it’s been already 8 months under his coaching and not even a hint of regret! He truly stands out from everyone else, because not only his workouts are spectacular, but life perspectives and mindset this guy has achieved at his young age is unbelievable! He is an amazing person to talk to about everyday life and how to succeed in it as well! Don’t call him a trainer – he is a real COACH! The moment you meet him is the moment you want to stay under his guidance forever! I highly recommend him as a coach if you want body transformation, inspiration, guidance and support in any way possible!


Love Shturova


I started working with Nik to get myself in the best shape possible by vacation, which I was going on in 2-3 months. With my busy schedule, I didn’t think it was possible at all to achieve anything real, but Nik has proven it to be otherwise!

He got me in my best shape possible and I can’t imagine to stop being under his guidance! It is truly addicting to see your body changing, and other areas of you life along with it.


Semen Nikiforov

– Professional photographer
I met Nik at the gym where I’m working out. He was our new coach with a ton of experience abroad and very unique approach to coaching, so I decided to give him a shot to get me in even better shape, potentially even compete! It hasn’t been very long since we started but what I can tell already is that the coaching experience he delivers is so exceptional that I’ve never seen it with any other trainer! Complete attention to detail during training, strict control over rest between sets, remembers every little detail about you, even outside of fitness, while keeping it fun, engaging and friendly! The passion and loyalty to what he does inspires like crazy! Like I said it hasn’t been very long but my body (even already being fit) is already changing! Very glad to meet this guy and excited to see how far we go in my physique
Fitness coach

Elena Orlova

Nik has been my trainer for about 4-5 months, and I could not imagine getting the results I have now without him. My goals are building muscle and strength, and Nik is a true expert in this. During our sessions and coaching calls, Nik will continuously answer any questions I have as well as explain exactly what we are doing and why. Nik pushes me to reach my goals, and with his fantastic and professional attitude, I never run out of motivation. Having Nik as a coach is something I would recommend to everybody, including those who think they do not need one, as I thought once myself. Having someone as a professional who design a workout and meal plan tailored to you makes an incredible difference, and someone like that is tough to find. My strength has skyrocketed and physique completely transformed – all thanks to Nik – a true expert in his niche.

Artem Solovey

– CEO and Founder of YuRide
I’ve had a few coaches in the past, but nobody ever delivered the coaching experience that Nik did. Total difference is seen with his crazy attention to details when training both in-person and online, he truly wants to do the best he can to give you those results that you want! He always asks you questions to make sure you stay on track and healthy at the same time, as well as he knows how to keep things fun and enjoyable. But the biggest and most important thing probably is that he is a true fanatic of his thing: he keeps learning from the top people in the industry, experimenting, keeping an eye on new researches, finding the best ways to improve his own physique as well as his clients’. Highly recommend, he is truly remarkable!
Pt client

Anastasia Gaysenuk

Before I met Nik, I was in terrible shape. My fitness was poor, I had let myself go in terms of my appearance, and my energy level was low. Everything felt like I grind. I had a huge stomach, double chin, and I wasn’t comfortable taking my shirt off in public anymore. This affected my confidence and my low energy level was holding me back from realizing my full potential at work. After committing to Nik’s training program, my energy levels boosted, my focus improved, and I felt more driven because I was making less excuses. I could start to see my stomach sticking out less and shrinking, my arms getting more muscular and some toning in my legs. The best part is Nik focuses on building great habits, such as drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, eating properly, working out regularly, and having a strong mindset. When I am hitting these on all cylinders, I feel unstoppable on the job and in my personal life. It’s rare to meet a coach like Nik that knows fitness and nutrition inside and out, but understands how the world works and how people are wired, and can share content that has great insights on how to actually improve yourself mentally. He also understands how valuable time is, so all of his workouts are geared to get the most results in a short amount of time. The absolute best quality that Nik has is his laser focus on you. Any workout, Skype call, or e-mail exchange I have had with Nik, he has listened to and observed me intently and offered immediate effective feedback. That level of focus is really rare these days. Nik’s a great problem solver too, so if anything is keeping you from getting to the gym or getting enough sleep, he’s very willing to dive into the details and find a way to get you there. He also keeps his word. If he says he will call you at a particular time or provide content on a particular date, he delivers. This had such a positive influence on me because I felt like I had to step up my game and be more reliable. Nik delivers incredible value for the money that you spend. His programs are comprehensive and hit all angles of your life. That’s what you really need for dramatic and long lasting changes. I highly recommend Nik’s services, and they are for people that are ready to undergo a major transformation in their fitness, health, and mindset. He has all of the tools to get you there.

Brian Bidadi, CFA

Middle office associate at Two Sigma Securities


Nik is a great coach and motivator. His workout routines are very personalized, which is great for someone like us who have little workout experience. I was able to lose 6 kg (13.2 pounds) in only a few months, and my fat percentage had dropped from 37% to 23%. Harvey achieved similar results. I would recommend Nik to anyone who is looking to improve their body!



Ya Liu and Harvey Dong

Top real estate agent in Richmond Hill, Canada (2017)

More reviews, comments and client check-ins! 

I have been working with Nik for almost a year already and seeing a huge change that his coaching has made on my life. As a result, I have become so much stronger and put on a lot of muscles. But what’s more important, I have become so passionate about fitness and training as never in my life before. Nik is more like a coach than just a trainer – he never trains you “by the book”. He has so much knowledge, experience and passion about his niche that he instinctively knows what workouts are best for me. Also he knows how to talk to you in a way to make sure you follow the plan when he is not there! Always looking forward to sessions with him.

Akbar Syed

Managerial position at Jacob’s Steakhouse, Toronto, Canada.

I had a chance to get to know Nik 4 years ago, when we first met in the college. First impression – professional and well-educated individual that knows what he is talking about. Immediately after I got to know him I asked him to support me throughout my workout routine that certainly needed improvement. Nik not only started regularly going to the gym with me and helping me with the different techniques but also wrote me a diet plan that I had to follow. He is very passionate about what he is doing. Nik has a strong sense of motivation and will always support you with a word of wisdom, and politely tell you which areas you need to improve. I highly recommend Nik as a personal trainer and coach for achieving right fitness goals in a timely manner and exploring the correct approach to your mind and body.
I would like to thank Nik for all the time and energy he spend with me, trying to help!

Artem Bogachuk

Professional engineer at Siemens renewable energy

Nik is a truly excellent coach. I never thought I’d say it but I do look forward to working out – thanks to Nik! I run my own business and as a result I have little time to spend working out. Nik has been my coach for almost a year and we train 3 times a week.  My program is mainly based on increasing my flexibility and strength. 
My six year old daughter who just started gymnastics also trains together with us and she really looks forward to our work outs too!
I respect his sincere passion for fitness and business and appreciate him help to make us a healthier family!

Eugene Kim,

Nik is awesome! He somehow manages to push me further than I think I can handle, but not over the edge. He also takes into account extracurricular activities that one does and will create workouts to help improve in that area. And, ladies, he has not forgotten about workouts for us. He knows most ladies are not trying to bulk up, but to try to get lean. Nik has done his homework with physiology, biology, etc. and can suggests workout routines and nutrition guides to help you attain your goals. Nik is an all-around hard-working guy that is always pushing his clients to improve on an individual basis.

Jana Giniglotti

Self-defense coach

I met Nik while working out at the gym, he was kind enough to offer me advice and tips on strength training and muscle gain which I had been having difficulty attaining on my own. Nik has been training me for about two months now, and I have noticed a significant difference in my strength and my fitness level. Nik was extremely knowledgeable and very conscious of teaching me proper technique and form during exercises to prevent injury. I would highly recommend Nik as a personal trainer for any individual trying to reach their personal fitness goals, as he is professionally skilled in all areas of fitness and nutrition. Overall I am very happy and proud of the results I have achieved training with Nik, and I’ve definitely learned many unique exercises that will benefit me now and in the future!

Liana Recine

After being coached by Nik for only 3 months I have seen amazing results. He has pushed me to work hard and gain the discipline I lacked after having 2 kids. I feel stronger in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s. I would highly recommend Nik to anyone looking for results. Nik is very professional and knowledgeable, and I have learned so much from him.

Veronica Castellon

I had a great pleasure taking personal training classes with Nik. He’s definitely the most experienced trainer that I have trained with and he helped me achieve my personal fitness goals in just 3 months time. I appreciate that he is always patient with me and encourages me to push myself, which I think is one of the most important qualities in a fitness trainer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals effectively and timely!

Sophia Wan

My name is Kate, and Nik has been helping me improve my physique for already 2 years. It is a real enjoyment to be coached by him, he has much deeper knowledge in this field that most other trainers because he is extremely passionate about it. He also has great knowledge about nutrition and supplements. With his help I was able to get leaner while improving my muscle tone. And as a coach, he definitely helps you work out much harder and with more focus than I can by myself, and it is always a lot of fun as well. I am always looking forward to training with him over and over.

Kate Klenina

My name is Miya, I am a young 27-year old mom that has 4 beautiful children, and I finally decided to get rid of my baby weight so I can have more energy having fun with them, and of course, get in much better shape. Nik, first of all, is a great coach, he is fully focused on a client, he pushes you when you feel like quitting, and always exact with counting reps which helps a lot. He is very knowledgeable about bodyweight and free weight exercises. This guy is also very great with my kids, it’s very hard to exercise and take care of them, especially two of them being very small, but he is being very interactive with them while I do my exercise, and they like him. And what’s even more impressive is that he is still somehow able to keep his focus on me. So other than him being great as a coach, he has a very good personality and charisma. He is awesome and I definitely recommend him as a coach.

Miya Morgan

Working with Nik has been such a great experience! He knows exactly how to encourage me and believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. His enthusiasm and motivation keeps me focused and driven. Our workouts are always very tough, but always enjoyable, keeping me interested yet challenged. Nik has a wide knowledge of exercises and is able to answer any questions you’ll have about diet or exercise. He understands where you’re at and where you want to be with your body. He’ll remember little details about you, resulting in a workout that is very tailored to you to help you with your goals. I have become stronger, leaner and have learned a lot from our sessions. I would definitely recommend Nik as a coach, he won’t disappoint you!

Nicole Yuen

I was working with Nik for only around 4 months and even though it seems little, I have seen very good difference in my physique and overall functioning! First of all, Nik is not one of those mean trainers, he is very fun to work with! But at the same time very professional. He definitely knows how to keep you engaged and entertained, not bored during the session. And keep coming for more! In terms of results, I definitely lost decent amount of fat, especially on my hips, where I accumulate most of it. Also, my strength and energy levels have gone up a lot. I definitely look forward to keep working with Nik again as soon as I get a chance and highly recommend him to anybody looking to build amazing physique!

Maya Naghibosadat

I have been training with Nik for quite a while and did not regret it. He is a young trainer with modern approach. He has a personal approach to clients and is mindful to your goals. He is also very supportive and doesn’t let you give up. The sessions are fun and different every time. If you’re all about modern techniques and want to reach your goals in a short time, he’s the right one for you!

Anastasiya Sudarenko

Nik is a great coach and I like the way he pushes me to get to my goals. Apart from training, he also gave me a ton of other secret tips to improve my weight loss, strength and overall health. Highly recommend!

Danny Sullivan

Nik is Amazing trainer! I’ve never seen a coach as passionate and knowledgeable about muscle building and fat loss. He has helped my husband tremendously! 

Luda Privalova

Nik is a great trainer! He helped me and my sister get closer to our body goals. He always listened to our needs. More importantly he gave us a great diet that fits our lifestyle and still enables us to lose weight! Super recommend him!

Sam and Naz Hosseinpour

Nik is not only an amazing trainer, but also is very friendly. It’s a real enjoyment to train with him, because workouts are fun and at the same time are very effective! He will push you hard but at the same time will make sure you stay safe!

Parham Seyedmazhari

If you are looking for somebody to help you get in great shape, Nik is the guy to go! He has helped me tremendously in gaining strength, and he knows hell a lot of new techniques and tricks most other trainers don’t!

Arshia Aliakbari

I highly recommend Nik as a coach! He’s a very dedicated and honest coach who will adjust your routine, and definitely work you hard. Also, instead of always giving you new and fancy workouts, he likes to establish the basic groundwork and make steady progress when it’s needed. He’s always happy to answer questions, and will give you the straight truth without any sugar coating. He, as well, doesn’t do any pushy or annoying sales promotions that I know some trainers may fall into. Great experience training with him, and I highly recommend him if you plan on hiring a coach to achieve whatever fitness goals you have.

Kathy Wang

I have been taking some training sessions with Nik and he is a very good trainer. He provided me with a great training regimen and explained the concepts behind them and how they would help me strengthen my body. Overall, the experience I had with him was excellent!

Darren Tang

Honestly, I was very skeptical at the beginning about training with Nik because some of his principles looked weird and not as marketed and pushed to us, clients, as right things to do. But he actually knows what he’s doing. He thought me how to strength train in most effective way to not only gain some muscle but also lose fat. Thanks Nik.

Nima Maleki

I was able to do only 6 weeks of training with Nik because I had to move out of the country. Even though it is a very short time period, he taught me very important foundations for strength training that I keep using, and the progress I got is just spectacular! 

Keiko N

I definitely love training with nik, the Russian guy. He is nice, patient and knowledgeable about gym. He helped me build up my shape a lot and guided me how to lose fat. I like him! Trust him!

Qiyao Wang

I have been training with Nik for the last 4 months. He is extremely knowledgeable and very intuitive. The structure and progression of his workout plans have been both challenging and fun, yet extremely rewarding.

Arash Kish

Great to be back in the gym after 20 years. Coach Nik is great! Feeling great and young again! 

Domenic Dicianna

I highly recommend Nik if you want to focus on muscle/strength building and fat loss! Definitely the best!

Miles Xu

The experience of training with Nik has been great!  I achieved lots of things with my body! I hope to train with him in the future. Highly recommend him!

William Zhou

Nik taught me how to do exercises step by step, how to use them to safely improve my muscle and strength. I highly recommend him as a good trainer for everyone.

Patrick Leung

Nik is a great coach! He pushes you further than you thought possible and never lets you give up! Really helps achieve whatever goals you had set!

Marzieh Currimbhoy

Nik is my personal trainer. He is very professional and knows what are my weakness and helps with them. Getting training with him has improved my body and health dramatically!

Sajjad Haji

Nik is a great trainer, he’s passionate and motivated to help you with all your workout concerns, and he understands what you want to achieve! Very helpful and attentive, he will even give you a full meal plan, I recommend him as your personal trainer!

Ania Wu

Training with a coach Nik for around 3 months – best coach ever, especially if you are interested in muscle building and fat loss.

Evgeniy Chablov

I highly recommend my personal trainer Nik if you want to build strength, muscle, lose fat and get healthy!

Steven Yee

I have a trainer Nik that I am working with, he is truly a great coach!

Kenny Li

Me and my friend used to have Nik there as our coach – he is very knowledgeable and helped us a lot in getting fit!

Irene Li

Nick is indeed a professional trainer. Go with him!

Cao Changhong

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