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What my clients say


Asif A.

– CEO Traveler’s coffee group


Nik definitely provides rare, professional, world-class coaching experience to his clients. I’ve had different trainers but not a lot kept me as a client for a long time since I am very picky and pay attention to trainer’s attitude, knowledge, professionalism, looks, passion, etc. But Nik is certainly the one who got everything, NO EXCEPTION!
Executive trainer
“Before I met Nik, I was far from where I am now. At this point it’s been around 3 months under his guidance and he is that one rare coach that actually cares about you, practices what he preaches, keeps learning new things and invest into his knowledge! He is the guy that will maximize every little detail to over-deliver the results and experience! Now I feel way more confident, happier and I also have to completely change my wardrobe!”

Olga Kondratenko

Nik was recommended to me as a true professional, and at this point it’s been already 6 months under his coaching and not even a hint of regret! He truly stands out from everyone else, because not only his workouts are spectacular, but life perspectives and mindset this guy has achieved at his young age is unbelievable! He is an amazing person to talk to about everyday life and how to succeed in it as well! Don’t call him a trainer – he is a real COACH! The moment you meet him is the moment you want to stay under his guidance forever! I highly recommend him as a coach if you want body transformation, inspiration, guidance and support in any way possible!

 Love Shturova

Exclusive Online Coaching

Let’s get you under my full guidance, unique and completely custom approach!

With the approach that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what other coaches do, I will help you completely Transform not only your Body, but also build Relentless Mindset, Skyrocket your Self-Esteem and Confidence, make your Clothes Fit Better, and Much More!

Online coaching

 Advanced Training 

 Learn the most top-notch, researched, tested and proven training concepts!

 Nutrition and Supplements

 Learn how to optimize your diet and supplement intake for fast and quality results!


 Health and recovery

Learn how to optimize your recovery for efficient progress and stay healthy along the way!

 Mindset Mastery

Build relentless mindset to achieve whatever fitness and life goals you set!

Exercise Library

Exercise execution is one of the biggest components of SMART training! Exercise videos with detailed explanations and insider secrets. Watch, learn and use it! New exercises are added on a consistent basis!

Ladies corner


Women-specific section with challenges, exercise library, workouts and more!


–  Weight tracker!

And MORE game-changing tools on the way to help you with successful transformation!


Nik Kurdoyak

Initially from Russia, I’m coming from a background of extreme sports (especially competitive hardcore mountain biking). When trying to mix both gym and riding, I knew deep down that my true passion lies in BEAUTIFUL, MUSCULAR PHYSIQUES. Later on I also realized that I’m becoming a huge fanatic of it and I want to build my whole lifestyle around it and help others as well, so at the age of 18 I came to Canada to get my fitness degree, COMPLETELY ALONE, with “ok” English. I simply was ready for any sacrifices to pursue my dreams. 
By now I have a fitness degree; all the necessary certifications; over 8 years and over 10000 hours of experience in personal training at all kinds of different jobs (even in drug and alcohol rehab center) with all kinds of different people, including very influential Canadian and Russian businessmen and businesswomen. Since I live and breathe fitness, I’M CONSTANTLY seeking new knowledge and research (for both technical and coaching skills) from top people in the industry through website subscriptions, seminars, books, etc. For years I also worked with one of the best physique coaches in Canada, AmerTheHammer.

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Let's discuss what holds you back the most and set up a strategy with perfect system for you to achieve your dream body in the fastest and most efficient way
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