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Hard truth on how your physique affects your

Let me tell you the story first.


The story that will open your eyes and demonstrate how things in this world REALLY are, without miracles, mercy and BS


An acquaintance of mine got in a car accident a long time ago. It was his fault, but he was in a bad mood and still was going to get out of his car yelling at this guy: “where the hell are you driving?! You are going to pay! Etc.” But what he didn’t expect is to see a 6 feet tall, massive strongman dude with brutal and mean face. Do you still think he tried to abuse this man after he saw him?


Screw it. Better example, followed by a game-changing question:


In the first case, let’s imagine you bump into 1990 Honda Civic. In the second case, you bump into Rolls Royce. The question is: are you going to talk to owners of both cars the same way? The truth is, in 95% of cases – NO. You will be terrified after screwing Rolls Royce and knowing what kind of trouble you are in. Especially if you live in some kind of underdeveloped or not as civilized country like Russia, where power and money are the only rules of the game


Yes, there ARE wealthy people who drive cheap cars, because they don’t care. But unless you find out, you don’t know. That’s why it’s always good to keep in mind that you never really know who is in front of you – this random person might be the one who will destroy your life or give you a lifetime opportunity


So why would you be terrified to screw with massive dude or owner of a hyper-car? Because those thing are social markers, or the markers of an individual social status


If you are still not really aware of what social status is, here it is:

Social status is the honor or prestige attached to one’s position in society


Let me list some of the most common markers of man’s social status:


  • Income, net worth (often hidden and not as obvious)
  • Material possessions (Rolex watch, luxury car, big house, etc.)
  • Spouse/partner – yes IT IS a marker. The hotter you partner is, the more people look up to you. Subconsciously, if such high-status partner picked you, you present similar value. Like attracts the like
  • Fame/popularity – if people know and respect you, you project a lot of value, which equals higher status
  • Credibility in a particular niche
  • Set of skills
  • And…… HOW YOU LOOK


That’s exactly where we start talking about your physique as a huge social marker


We can keep saying things like: “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”, but as much as I agree, it’s not happening. We are built to subconsciously judge people by their social markers to determine their position in the society fast.


That’s how things are, SORRY. If you are not ready to accept it and want to keep living in a miracle – do so. But if you are smarter – you will accept it, adapt and work on yourself.


Want proof? I will give you some of them:


  • It’s been proven that people who are physically attractive earn more and are more likely to be seen as suitable leaders, have higher chances of getting hired, promoted, etc.
  • Various studies have shown that overweight people are seen as less conscientious, less agreeable, less emotionally stable, less productive, lazy, lacking in self-discipline, and even dishonest, sloppy, ugly, socially unattractive, and sexually unskilled; the list goes on and on
  • We all know that in 95% of situations, hot woman will always prefer great looking partner over overweight and not good looking (and vise versa)


Now let’s look at the benefits that good looking body (and overall appearance) with good health brings to our social status and your overall quality of life:


  • People look up to you and respect you more
  • You have a better chance of attracting a good quality partner
  • Your current intimate life and relationships are on a much higher level
  • Improved energy levels, mental clarity and motivation
  • Enhanced self-confidence, self-esteem and and self-image
  • You hardly ever get sick and have much smaller chance of getting serious health condition that will destroy your life
  • People see you are more disciplined, productive, emotionally stable and so on.
  • And I am not even touching on minor points like how your clothing fits you and much more.


I hope I made it pretty clear what an important role your appearance plays on your social status and quality of life, and how you will suffer (if not already) if you miss out on such a huge social marker and a pillar of good life


Author: Nik Kurdoyak


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Let's discuss what holds you back the most and set up a strategy with perfect system for you to achieve your dream body in the fastest and most efficient way
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