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How to lose 30 pounds in a month: rapid results


Author: Lee Goupil

Many people start a Martial Art to get into shape and lose weight.



When you first meet them, they are not interested in learning how to fight or wish to ever compete.


They’ll ask how to lose 30 pounds in a month or tell us how the doctor said they had high cholesterol and they needed to make a life change.


Many health and weight loss reasons will come up and questions about how many calories they’ll burn.


One of the reasons these people will quit Martial Arts and fitness in general is they are not seeing results quickly from their hard work.


They get frustrated and lose the initial focus and assume their goal is not attainable.


They revert to the mindset that they can’t lose weight or get in shape no matter what they do.


This is unfortunate and heartbreaking for us in the industry who truly want to help people.


We want them to see the results from their effort and achieve the better version of themselves that they wish for.


I started talking with other people in the industry to see how we can overcome this enigma.


When someone asks me how to lose 30 pounds in a month, I know there is a good chance they need to see quick results.


Perhaps depending on their current body condition losing 30 pounds in a month is not a realistic goal.


Unfortunately, often their own self-image is much worse than reality.


If their self-image has already determined that they need to lose 30 pounds in a month, the timer has already started in their head as soon as they walk in.


If losing 30 pounds in a month is not a realistic goal, the job then becomes creating a plan for rapid results they can see and feel to keep them motivated.



Nik is a successful personal trainer who operates TrainedByNik.


A very determined man, with minimal English and just a passion to pursue his dreams he immigrated by himself at the age of 18.


After some early struggles Nik persevered and was fortunate to come under the tutelage of Amer “The Hammer” Kamra.


Mentored by one of the best physique coaches in North America, Nik decided to set off and take a chance on his own.


In 8 years, Nik already has over 10,000 hours of experience in personal training.


Working with many influential Canadian and Russian businessmen and businesswomen.



I talked to Nik about this enigma of people needing to see results quickly.

How can we combat this and keep people from quitting before they can achieve the body and fitness level they desire?

I wanted to learn what his secret was and how he promotes fast results.


Nik broke it down into 6 principles or rules he follows with his clients to transform their body quickly.


#1 Use Heavy Weights… And Progress It!

Nik emphasizes right away that he isn’t talking about lifting heavy weight with horrible form.

Lift as heavy as you can while still maintaining an ability to perform perfect execution and form with your technique.

Look to do between 5-12 reps in each set if your goal is to gain muscle and burn calories.

“I’ve experimented with clients doing light weights, cardio training, high-repetition training, heavy lifting and a lot of other stuff. When heavy lifting is a part of my client’s routine, results are way more phenomenal than when it isn’t.”


#2 Perfect Exercise Form + Connection

Perfect form is nothing new.

This gets stressed to every beginner who walks into a gym.

Safety and avoiding injury, along with avoiding muscle imbalances are a major factor.

On top of that, if your form is incorrect or you go to fast, your body’s focus is spread out.


Your body is not recruiting the target muscle you are trying to work.


Less focus on the targeted muscle means less muscle fibers are going to be activated within that muscle.


This leads to less muscular definition and separation.


#3 Caloric Deficit With TREATS, A Perfect Scenario!


What’s the most important thing to follow if you are trying to lose weight?


The formula can be described in two words: caloric deficit.


What that means is you must burn more calories than you consume during the day.


One of the biggest mistake people make is not changing their eating habits.


Even if they start eating healthier foods, they are still consuming an abundance of calories each day.


If you are in a caloric surplus (you take in more calories than you burn), you still are going to gain weight!


Also, why did Nik mention treats?


“It is OK to have 20% of carbs that you consume coming from a chocolate bar or something sweet.


This will allow you to still enjoy the process and prevent a serious relapse.


I highly recommend taking those carbs either with post-workout meal (it is going to get absorbed and used much more efficiently) or with the last meal of the day (will help you sleep better).”


#4 Continue Until You Fail!


You will see maximum results by working to failure.


Squeeze out the last rep until you no longer can do another.


Yes, this is tough, and will require effort.


Without this however, you cannot reach peak fat loss though through metabolic stress.


Nik does stress however there is exceptions for beginners.


With squats and deadlifts you should be experienced and comfortable enough in what you are doing before you attempt it.

How To Lose 30 Pounds In A Month


#5 Periodize Types Of Training


If you are someone asking “how to lose 30 pounds in a month” or just want to get in great shape you need to do a little bit of everything.


If you want to get stronger, gain muscle, get more endurance and lose fat, you’ll need a variety in your workout.


Too often someone will find a program they like and just do that same thing over a long period of time.


Not only will you get minimizing results, less variety will create boredom and make the routine more tedious.


This is a recipe for disaster in people who struggle to remain consistent with their fitness goals.


As an example, Nik recommends this program to follow if your goal is to work out three times a week.


Day 1

This is your strength-hypertrophy day.

Heavy weights, 3-8 rep range, 5 different exercises targeting full body, four sets each.



This is your circuit day for big calorie burn.

Five different exercises back to back with 10-15 rep range.

Rest only between circuits, and a total of around 5 circuits.


Day 3

This is your functional day.

Still circuit based, but instead of free weights you do battle ropes, high-rep bodyweight squats,

lunges, crunches, and other calisthenic exercises.


#6 Use Supplements… That Work!

Nik adamantly stated he believes strongly in supplements.

Improper nutrition will never allow you to lose fat or build muscle.

Nik isn’t suggesting you go buy every “magic” weight loss pill on TV.

Purchase supplements that work!

Protein is of course the most known and pushed supplement that every trainer suggests you take.

Nik’s belief is that some of the most important are: Green DrinksOmega-3sMultivitaminsVitamin CCreatineProbioticsAshwagandha and Magnesium.


Hopefully this article can be a benefit for you to get quick results in your weight loss journey.


The 6 transformation steps Nik presented are also great for someone who is already active and follows a regular workout program.


If you’ve possibly plateaued and wish to improve your physique or lose those last few stubborn pounds Nik is the man to help.


If you wish to reach Nik you can contact him through his websiteLinkedInemail, and follow him on Instagram.

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