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I will show you how to train SMART before training HARD!  

With me you don’t need tons of cardio and hated diets. I focus on insider secrets and concepts that give you amazing results with least sacrifice possible!

“Before I met Nik, I was far from where I am now. At this point it’s been around 3 months under his guidance and he is that one rare coach that actually cares about you, practices what he preaches, keeps learning new things and invest into his knowledge! He is the guy that will maximize every little detail to over-deliver the results and experience! Now I feel way more confident, happier and I also have to completely change my wardrobe!”

Olga Condratenko

What do I have for you?:

  • High-end approach with insider secrets, focus on proven concepts only!
  • Constant check-ins and skype calls - full accountability!
  • Meticulous attention to detail and serious work!
  • Access to exclusive website content and tools!
  • Mindset mastery workshops and personalized content creation!
  • Email support!
  • Fully custom training, nutrition and supplement plans!
  • I build meal plans around foods you like!
  • I personally guarantee hardcore transformation!
  • Am I not delivering what I promise? Not seeing results?
  • Modern techniques for fast, efficient and consistent progress!
  • Making sure you progress weekly! Always on track to your dream physique!
  • No penny of your money wasted!
  • Remarkable source to help you progress quickly!
  • Build relentless mindset and learn other top-notch information to help you improve fast!
  • Important questions answered!
  • Everything fits your lifestyle! You enjoy the process!
  • Forget "Diets"! You never relapse!
  • If you commit, you are 100% settled for success!
  • Cancel anytime or request a refund!
“During our coaching sessions, Nik will continuously answer any questions I have as well as explain exactly what we are doing and why. He also provided me with a meal plan specific to me and my goals. Nik pushes me to reach my goals, and with his fantastic and professional attitude, I never run out of motivation. Having Nik as a coach is something I would recommend to everybody”

Artem Solovey

  • Want to Skyrocket your Confidence and Self-Esteem?
  • Want to Finally Build that Dream Body you've Always Wanted?
  • Want to Start Feeling Pride in your Physique and Make others Look Up to You?
  • Want to Achieve Amazing and Fast Results with NO Wasted Time and Effort?
  • Afraid of Wasting Money on Trainers that Don't Care and Don't Deliver Results?
  • Tired of Relapsing due to Very Strict Diets and Tons of Boring Cardio?
  • Want to Finally Have Positive Coaching Experience and Enjoy the Process?
  • Want to See Amazing Results with Minimal Food Restrictions?
  • Want to Increase Intimacy with your Partner?
  • Looking for Risk-Free, Guaranteed Solution?
  • Want to Make your Clothes Fit Better?
Nik was recommended to me as a true professional, and at this point it’s been already 6 months under his coaching and not even a hint of regret! He truly stands out from everyone else, because not only his workouts are spectacular, but life perspectives and mindset this guy has achieved at his young age is unbelievable! He is an amazing person to talk to about everyday life and how to succeed in it as well! Don’t call him a trainer – he is a real COACH! The moment you meet him is the moment you want to stay under his guidance forever! I highly recommend him as a coach if you want body transformation, inspiration, guidance and support in any way possible!

 Love Shturova


It’s no longer about just giving you cookie cutter training with nutrition plans and telling you to go do it! With me it’s only 10% of what you get!

I am a Coach that will help you through any self-limiting behavior you might have! I will teach you how to fish instead of giving you a fish!

I only work with serious and committed people who are ready for real physique, mindset and life changes!



Linda Mauti, Toronto, Canada

– 5 Year celebrity chef 
– Red seal chef 
– On rogers daytime 

When I met Nik, I had a very specific and important goal to achieve – to get in the best shape possible in 2 months, since I had a huge crypto currency event coming with a lot of wealthy and influential people there. Nik has done his job the way I couldn’t even think of: 12 pounds of fat lost and 8 pounds of muscle gained! Everyone started complimenting me on my looks, especially my booty. My clothes fits so great! At the age of 50 I am on top of the world again, feeling as great as never before!
High-ticket client

Common objections and concerns answered!

The results that you will get depend on how strictly you follow the plan. If you follow it, there is NO way you won’t see great changes! I’ve done it with hundreds of people that fit my niche requirements. I don’t work with people that don’t, that’s why I’m so confident in the quality of my services. In the meantime, my online personal training has a refund policy in place, we can sit and discuss it at any time!

First of all, just accept it – you will never find perfect time to start! Most of the time, it’s just excuses that are probably holding you back for years! Second, I don’t force people into long term commitments. If your financial situation becomes unstable, I will have other options for you to stay on track, as my services are very flexible to meet your requirements. If you travel it isn’t a problem either, due to my flexibility and program customization for whatever your situation is. But if for some reason we have to stop working, you can easily cancel anytime!

Yes, I am not the cheapest, nor the most expensive coach. I charge exactly according to the value I provide, my knowledge, experience, skills, quality of my services, etc. There is a difference between cost and price. The price of a trainer that charges 30$ for hourly session is low, but the cost of not getting results, wasted time, getting poor service and experience is huge! Also, I from personal experience I know that when I train people for free or for very cheap, they DON’T VALUE it! As a result, it ends up in no results and wasted time and energy on both sides. As my brand represents only excellent service and guaranteed client body and life transformations, I only work with people who are committed and serious about making huge changes in their life!

That’s exactly why I am a coach, not a trainer. Trainer is somebody who just tells you what he/she learned from school/course, like how to do exercises properly, what to eat and why, etc. Briefly, just technical knowledge. But people need coaches! Coach is somebody who knows how to talk to different people, what their real motivations are, how to keep them going in hard times and avoid relapses, as well as how to make the process of transformation more enjoyable and lead with example. I’m here to help you with anything that gets on your way!

I totally and sincerely understand you. As much as I love my field, I have to admit that there is a lot of trainers that SIMPLY don’t care about their clients. Even more than that, most trainers don’t keep learning and improving (as their own body as well as their knowledge), all they care about is to get their money and go. They are boring, not inspiring, they got into this field just because a lot of certifications are easy to get (some you can get after a few weekends or 5-day course!), they are simply carrying the ” very basic” knowledge, that’s it. But I am not going to try to convince you now that I am different – my testimonials do the talk. I don’t try to deliver – I try to OVER-DELIVER what I promise. I still don’t believe that if you truly need help – you should avoid all trainers just because there was one that delivered a horrible experience. If you are still skeptical about giving a shot to another coach like me – again, if you at any moment catch me not delivering what I promise and/or you are not seeing any results – I will give you your money back! I am not afraid to say that simply because I am 200% confident about my level of service!  


Asif A.

– CEO Traveler’s coffee group


Nik definitely provides rare, professional, world-class coaching experience to his clients. I’ve had different trainers but not a lot kept me as a client for a long time since I am very picky and pay attention to trainer’s attitude, knowledge, professionalism, looks, passion, etc. But Nik is certainly the one who got everything, NO EXCEPTION!
Executive trainer

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Am I not delivering what I promise?

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Let's discuss what holds you back the most and set up a strategy with perfect system for you to achieve your dream body in the fastest and most efficient way
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