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I hired Nik to re-assess my workout program and to help me bulk up my upper body. The challenge he had to overcome for me was that I had a rotator cuff/shoulder issue he had to work around at the same time. Nik did a tremendous job for me. He’s a great listener and problem solver, and applied his experience and knowledge to create a program that not only strengthened my shoulder issue, but also added the bulk I was seeking on my biceps and triceps.
He’s a fantastic motivator. I wouldn’t have done it without him! Highly recommended!

Robert J. “RJ” Falconi

Managing Director – RayleeValleyGroup
When I met Nik, I had a very specific and important goal to achieve – to get in the best shape possible in 2 months, since I had a huge crypto currency event coming with a lot of wealthy and influential people there. Nik has done his job the way I couldn’t even think of: 12 pounds of fat lost and 8 pounds of muscle gained! Everyone started complimenting me on my looks, especially my glutes. My clothes fits so great! At the age of 50 I am on top of the world again, feeling as great as never before!
So glad I bumped into Nik and I don’t think I would achieve results even close to what I got with any other trainer.
High-ticket client

Linda Mauti

– 5 Year celebrity chef | Red seal chef | On rogers daytime 
I mentored Nik for 2 years and he is truly passionate about his craft. He lives and breathes fitness, which isn’t very common in a jacks-of-all trades society. He really cares about his clients. Himself he is very coachable, humble, reliable, trustworthy and serious. That guy won’t let you down. In addition to everything, he keeps learning from the best and all about self-development! You can learn so much from him, since he went through a very interesting and rough journey pursuing his biggest dreams, and will help you! Highly recommend!
Amer The Hammer

Amer Kamra

– CEO and Owner of Hammer Fitness | One of the TOP physique coaches in Canada
Nik was recommended to me as a true professional, and at this point it’s been already 8 months under his coaching and not even a hint of regret! He truly stands out from everyone else, because not only his workouts are spectacular, but life perspectives and mindset this guy has achieved at his young age is unbelievable! He is an amazing person to talk to about everyday life and how to succeed in it as well! Don’t call him a trainer – he is a real COACH! The moment you meet him is the moment you want to stay under his guidance forever! I highly recommend him as a coach if you want body transformation, inspiration, guidance and support in any way possible!

Love Shturova

I’ve had a chance to chat with Nik about some of my fitness goals and what I can definitely say is that he is a truly credible and outstanding fitness coach. His passion and work ethic to deliver the best possible results to his clients is exceptional. If you are ready to completely transform your body and life – I highly recommend Nik as your coach

David Bradshaw

– Business strategist | Transaction and strategic advisor | Leadership coach
I’m providing a personal recommendation to Nik Kurdoyak for his professional devotion to the health & fitness industry as a personal trainer. His dedication to his clients is reflected in outstanding transformation of his clients. His consistency to sports and continuous learning keeps him on the cutting edge fitness industry trends. As being a PTA certified personal trainer & mentor to junior trainers for International Fitness Holdings, Ive learned to recognize those who are living their dream, pursuing their passion & committed to pursuing excellence – Nik is the epitome of that

S. Angel Shaw

– Post-trauma coach | Bestselling author | Veteran | Providing alternative therapy options for stress & PTSD
I met Nik at the gym where I’m working out. He was our new coach with a ton of experience abroad and very unique approach to coaching, so I decided to give him a shot to get me in even better shape, potentially even compete! It hasn’t been very long since we started but what I can tell already is that the coaching experience he delivers is so exceptional that I’ve never seen it with any other trainer! Complete attention to detail during training, strict control over rest between sets, remembers every little detail about you, even outside of fitness, while keeping it fun, engaging and friendly! The passion and loyalty to what he does inspires like crazy! Like I said it hasn’t been very long but my body (even already being fit) is already changing! Very glad to meet this guy and excited to see how far we go in my physique
Fitness coach

Elena Orlova

Nik definitely provides rare, professional, world-class coaching experience to his clients. I’ve had different trainers but not a lot kept me as a client for a long time since I am very picky and pay attention to trainer’s attitude, knowledge, professionalism, looks, passion, etc. But Nik is certainly the one who got everything, NO EXCEPTION!
I was able to learn so much cool stuff from him and highly recommend to get under his guidance if you want to obtain amazing look and make your time in the gym more EFFICIENT!
Executive trainer

Asif Aliev

– CEO Traveler’s coffee group

I have never met such an inspiring and caring individual. You make others fitness goals your own. I wasn’t just a number. You always went the extra mile to keep me on track. Thank you so much for everything. I highly recommend you to everyone

Robert Ellis

– IICRC Executive



Nik is a great coach and motivator. His workout routines are very personalized, which is great for someone like us who have little workout experience. I was able to lose 6 kg (13.2 pounds) in only a few months, and my fat percentage had dropped from 37% to 23%. Harvey achieved similar results. I would recommend Nik to anyone who is looking to improve their body!



Ya Liu and Harvey Dong

Top real estate agent in Richmond Hill, Canada (2017)
I have been following Nik Kurdoyak’s posts for a while now. what stands out for me the most is his brutal honesty, and great wisdom and advice on how you can feel and look better. I find him very refreshing. if you want a reality check and you want to really improve your life and health he is definitely your guy! if you’re done making excuses and justifying why you’re not healthy, or made progress, and are ready to move forward and live a more honest, better, and positive life please follow him and listen to what he has to tell you and most importantly APPLY it. I have no doubt you will see progress and feel better and look better!

Suzette Pahl

– Owner at Clean Freek Residential Cleaner

I was very luck to have Nik as a guest on my MaJenDome Podcast. His story is incredible and his passion to help people get mentally and physically fit is inspiring! I now know the reason why everyone should think about hiring him for his amazing service. Contact him to find out why, you won’t regret it.

Elvin Freytes

– Podcast Host at MaJenDome | Podcast cohost at The EdUp Experience
Before I started training with Nik, I was at completely different place than where I am now. In terms of body, I looked like a regular school girl and certainly my confidence wasn’t where it is today. It all changed in a matter of just 3 months! I look like a fitness model, more confident in my new physique, with new wardrobe, and even started attracting more and better quality men
In overall, it all changed for me
Fitness girl

Irina Tyulkina

Before I met Nik, I was in terrible shape. My fitness was poor, I had let myself go in terms of my appearance, and my energy level was low. Everything felt like I grind. I had a huge stomach, double chin, and I wasn’t comfortable taking my shirt off in public anymore. This affected my confidence and my low energy level was holding me back from realizing my full potential at work. After committing to Nik’s training program, my energy levels boosted, my focus improved, and I felt more driven because I was making less excuses. I could start to see my stomach sticking out less and shrinking, my arms getting more muscular and some toning in my legs. The best part is Nik focuses on building great habits, such as drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, eating properly, working out regularly, and having a strong mindset. When I am hitting these on all cylinders, I feel unstoppable on the job and in my personal life. It’s rare to meet a coach like Nik that knows fitness and nutrition inside and out, but understands how the world works and how people are wired, and can share content that has great insights on how to actually improve yourself mentally. He also understands how valuable time is, so all of his workouts are geared to get the most results in a short amount of time. The absolute best quality that Nik has is his laser focus on you. Any workout, Skype call, or e-mail exchange I have had with Nik, he has listened to and observed me intently and offered immediate effective feedback. That level of focus is really rare these days. Nik’s a great problem solver too, so if anything is keeping you from getting to the gym or getting enough sleep, he’s very willing to dive into the details and find a way to get you there. He also keeps his word. If he says he will call you at a particular time or provide content on a particular date, he delivers. This had such a positive influence on me because I felt like I had to step up my game and be more reliable. Nik delivers incredible value for the money that you spend. His programs are comprehensive and hit all angles of your life. That’s what you really need for dramatic and long lasting changes. I highly recommend Nik’s services, and they are for people that are ready to undergo a major transformation in their fitness, health, and mindset. He has all of the tools to get you there.

Brian Bidadi, CFA

– Middle office associate at Two Sigma Securities
 I’ve had a few coaches in the past, but nobody ever delivered the coaching experience that Nik did. Total difference is seen with his crazy attention to details when training both in-person and online, he truly wants to do the best he can to give you those results that you want! He always asks you questions to make sure you stay on track and healthy at the same time, as well as he knows how to keep things fun and enjoyable. But the biggest and most important thing probably is that he is a true fanatic of his thing: he keeps learning from the top people in the industry, experimenting, keeping an eye on new researches, finding the best ways to improve his own physique as well as his clients’. Highly recommend, he is truly remarkable
Pt client

Anastasia Gaysenuk

Nik is a passionate trainer who goes above an beyond to get his clients results. His wealth of knowledge is obvious within the first meeting. Even greater is the commitment and care Nik has for his clients and anybody who is lucky enough to be within Nik’s circle. If you are looking for results and want to have a great connection in your network I highly recommend reaching out to Nik.

Lee Goupil

– Software Advocate | Business development
Nik Kurdoyak cares about You! Whether you want to lose weight and firm up, or do some serious bodybuilding, whether you are male or female, you will feel like you are Nik’s only client! Nik’s unique approach will not take hours out of your day; he is more of a “body sculptor.” Nik has a passionate and professional approach. He has thoroughly explored techniques and their results, and will tailor your program to your individual needs. Nik is serious about what he does, how he does it, and I recommend him highly!

Christina Soler

– Associate Broker at RE/MAX Professional Partners
Nik has been my trainer for about 4-5 months, and I could not imagine getting the results I have now without him. My goals are building muscle and strength, and Nik is a true expert in this. During our sessions and coaching calls, Nik will continuously answer any questions I have as well as explain exactly what we are doing and why. Nik pushes me to reach my goals, and with his fantastic and professional attitude, I never run out of motivation. Having Nik as a coach is something I would recommend to everybody, including those who think they do not need one, as I thought once myself. Having someone as a professional who design a workout and meal plan tailored to you makes an incredible difference, and someone like that is tough to find. My strength has skyrocketed and physique completely transformed – all thanks to Nik – a true expert in his niche.

Artem Solovey

– CEO and Founder of YuRide

I started working with Nik to get myself in the best shape possible by vacation, which I was going on in 2-3 months. With my busy schedule, I didn’t think it was possible at all to achieve anything real, but Nik has proven it to be otherwise!

He got me in my best shape possible and I can’t imagine to stop being under his guidance! It is truly addicting to see your body changing, and other areas of you life along with it.


Semen Nikiforov

– Professional photographer

I was trained by Nik through gym I attended, I also follow his Instagram page with many helpful tips and advice for fitness and health. Nik is an amazing trainer very positive and showed me a lot of exercises that I have applied to my own fitness routine. Very knowledgeable and great person.

Liana Recine

– Educational Assistant at York Region District School Board
I’ve been following Nick for a while on Linkedin. He not only has a passion for what he does but he truly does care about his clients. I approached him about a core routine I needed to add to my training. He took his time to get to know what my routine was so he could create one that would fit in to my routine. His follow up is what I appreciated the most. Even though I know what I’m doing, he wants to know how I’m doing, which shows he’s not only in this to sell his services, he wants to make difference in his client’s lives. Thanks Nik!

Sam Samra

Market Partner at The Habit Burger Grill | Multi Unit Operations | Strategic Planning | Leadership
With so many people in the fitness space it’s so hard to find a TRUE EXPERT! Someone who knows their S***T. It started with his incredible content he posts on LinkedIn that attracted me to him. I knew that he was a guy that practiced what he preached. He can really help you transform your life & increase your health goals! I have realized at a very early age that as a business owner it’s all about stamina & energy, I get this by having an incredible strategy in the gym & my health. I highly recommend Nik as a great resource! Thank you for all you do!

Christian Evans

Online Business Mentor | Coaching the ART of Successful Side Hustles | HOST of JOURNEY WITH CHRISTIAN PODCAST 
I met Nik a couple years back, when I first was pursuing fitness & health. I was actually doing an internship where I worked closely with him along with other trainers. I definitely would have to say Nik was definitely one of the trainers that stood out the most. Getting to work closely with him and shadowing him working one on one with his clients showcased his worth ethic. He clearly passionate, dedicated and driven in what he does. He works hard and puts a lot of time into his clients making sure they’re reaching their needs and goals. I highly recommend Nik as a coach, seeing people like Nik is what people and this industry needs, not cookie cutter workout plans or meal plans.

Velbett Morales

– Fitness and health professional
I receive one on one fitness training from Nik and if there’s something you can take to the bank it’s this: 1. You will have full dedication from Nik and rest assured you will be treated like you are his only client- very important 2. No matter the restrictive circumstances your in, Nik will develop a solution for you. Whether it’s food, equipment, routine or simply day to day challenges. He will figure it out with you and that is driven from pure passion 3. Before I met Nik I struggled with stomach aches, acid reflux, behavioural eating and EXCUSES. He provided coaching for me through it all. I am steps ahead of my old self If I had to change anything, it would have been to meet Nik sooner.

Richard Courtemanche

– Plant Manager at DSI Underground Canada Ltd.
I talked with Nik and about helping me get back on track with my workouts, I could easily pick up on the passion and dedication he has for helping his clients achieve not temporary results but actual life-changing success! It is clear that he not only personalizes his advice to fit each client but also that he understands that each person is different and can be fluid enough to easily modify the workouts and find what works best to achieve your desired results! I greatly appreciate the advice Nik has given to me as it has been a continuing inspiration to move forward and not just settle for “good-enough”. He does a great job of reminding his clients that the true success and results are those that you work hard and sacrifice to achieve. Dedication and commitment are the driving forces from the advice he has given me and every time there is doubt or I feel like giving up, I am reminded to never give up! I have been very pleased with the advice and help I have received from Nik. His coaching has made a major positive impact on my life and I feel better and grateful for his help! I highly recommend anyone looking to get into shape regardless of the reason or end result desired to contact Nik and have him help you achieve success in finding a healthier you with lasting results!

Elliott Richter

– Mechanical engineer

Nik is truly knowledgeable about fitness, is a great coach and very passionate about bodybuilding. Highly recommend him to anybody

Amarendra Kumar

– Entrepreneur at

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